About Us –

Texas T Parts

         Bill and I would just like to share a little background on ourselves. We have two boys, who are
not so much boys anymore, Justin 26 and Jacob 21. Justin currently owns a 1926 T speedster, and
Jacob is working on a T speedster of his own. Bill worked on and drove his first Model T at age 14,
he was hooked.  As he was able too, the menagerie of Model T’s grew to a total of five cars two TT
trucks and a Fordson tractor. The first Model T Bill worked on was a 1922 RAJO speedster, after we
were married Bill was able to buy the RAJO for me for my Birthday, as you can imagine it was just
what I had been asking for!  Our families have had a love of ford vehicles that has been passed down
to us by several generations. Bill is a lifetime member of the MTFCA and we belong to a number of
local clubs in the Midwest. For those of you that are not aware Bill and I purchased Birdhaven
Vintage Auto supply in 2010 to make sure that the Midwest area would have a place to continue to be
supplied with the Model T parts needed without going to the east or west coast. Then in December of
2014 Ben Hardeman has graciously allowed us to be the next set of care takers of the Texas T line of
products to help the Model T hobby grow and keep Henry Ford’s favorite cars and trucks on the road
for 100 or more years.


The Devine Family