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A-45463-B  Windshield Brace

A-45463-B Windshield Brace

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New! - Effective Windshield Braces: For those of us who have closed cars, one of the most frustrating deficiencies in our face as we drive is those windshields that just won't stay open with the Ford windshield clamps. This pair of Stainless Steel windshield clamps will solve your problem forever. You can depend on the windshield to stay where you set it - Guaranteed! Stainless Steel with a satin finish that looks like nickel plating. Can be polished to look like chrome. Positive stops every 3/4". Precision laser cut for ultimate accuracy. Fits both Model Ts and Model As. You can buy original replacements that don't work for $10.00 and be frustrated or you can buy these first and save $10.00.

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