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A5164-12 • Automatic Battery Maintainer

A5164-12 • Automatic Battery Maintainer

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We have all gone to our cars and found a dead battery because we haven't driven them in a while. We always think we will drive them soon after we park them so we don't bother with getting out the battery charger to keep the battery in prime condition. Before I got one of these, I've had batteries with 60 month warranties that last less then two years because I failed to keep the batteries charged properly between periods of use. This little Schumacher® 1.5 amp Automatic Battery Charger/Maintainer will fasten permanently into your car and has a 110V grounded plug that you can plug into an extension cord when you park. I even have my trailer wired with an extension pigtail beside the car so I can keep the battery ready to go at any time. It will save you both frustration and money in batteries. Instructions include several innovative ideas for installation. (Sorry, its only available in 12 volt at this time.)

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