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T3061-L • Manifold Nut Lock

T3061-L • Manifold Nut Lock

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What is that old saying - Nothing new is really new! I’ve had trouble for years on tours with the manifold nut on my Model T working loose and so have many other Model T owners. We came up with this solution and then discovered that we weren’t the first to have the idea. We found the ad reproduced below in a 1920’s publication. Neat idea huh? Just fit the clamp over your exhaust pipe and install the stainless steel screw and square nut. As you tighten the screw align the tab with one of the flats of your manifold nut. When it is tight, bend the tab over with a small hammer and your manifold nut will NOT come loose. You can always loosen the screw and slide the clamp back down the exhaust pipe to intentionally loosen or remove the pack nut. The entire clamp assembly is made of stainless steel including the square nut.

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