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T3225  Electronic Ignition

T3225 Electronic Ignition

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6 Volt - $104.95
12 Volt - $98.95


With an electronic ignition: More power - less trouble - more fun. Smoother running - smoother idle Easier starting - has multiple fire at slow cranking speed making even hand cranking easier Longer spark plug life Installs easily and completely inside distributor head with no modifications Can be converted back to points any time Works great with our standard 12V coil (25KV). May also be used with our Super Coil (40KV) for even hotter spark plug fire. Reliable? Yes! It comes with a 30 month warranty. May be installed in any Texas T Parts distributor or any distributor that uses a Bosch "009" or VW distributor head. The best part may be its cost.

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