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T3276-SL  Oil Slinger Kit

T3276-SL Oil Slinger Kit

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New! - Oil Slingers: Many T owners remove the magnets from their flywheel to improve performance for a variety of reasons. But, in addition to generating electricity from the Magneto, the magnets were also the primary method of distributing oil within the engine. Several varieties of oil slingers are available, but they are either ineffective or cost $80.00. These simple oil slingers are both effective and reasonably priced. Included in the kit is everything you need to replace your magnets. In addition to the 4 slingers, the kit includes four 3/8" NF bolts, sixteen 6mm bolts for the ring gear, and appropriate lock washers. Each set of oil slingers is balanced to within 1/2 of a gram. Complete instructions are included. Download the installation instructions

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