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T3516-K 5:1 Steering Kit

T3516-K 5:1 Steering Kit

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Power Steering Kit: That's right!! Power steering for the Model T Ford. Sound silly? Henry didn't think so. He's the one who came up with the idea. Henry knew the standard steering ratio of 4:1 (as used from '09-'25) left a lot to be desired and was flat-out dangerous. In 1926, Henry introduced the 5:1 steering ratio. It gave an increase in steering leverage (control), and reduced the "feedback" from the road, i.e. pot-holes, etc. It made driving a lot less tiring (more fun) and a lot less dangerous by allowing the driver to maintain much better control of his car. Who wouldn't like easier and safer driving? So why haven't we just been changing the gears in the steering box? They have been available for some time. The reason is that the early steering shaft will only accept the 4:1 ratio gears, so the shaft must also be changed. They are usually well worn and need to be replaced anyway. But until now, a 5:1 steering shaft has not been available. Now you can do what Henry wanted to do, rectify a serious short-coming in the '12-'25 Model T. Our kit is easily installed, contains everything need and requires no modification. And since it is all internal, it does not detract from the originality of the car. The kit includes 3 short ('12-'21) and 1 long ('21-'27) steering gear pinion pins. Also works on TT's. This item is subject to oversize shipping. Download the Steering Gear Set Installation Instructions Download the Steering Shaft Installation Instructions

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