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T4025-WM  Welded Steel Muffler '21-'27

T4025-WM Welded Steel Muffler '21-'27

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Welded Steel Muffler: A Welded Steel End Muffler? Why not? It should have been available for a T years ago! How many times have you seen a T muffler, yours or the other guy's, blow apart when the T backfired? Mine have fallen apart just from the shaking they get on a rough road. The steel-shelled mufflers are noted for it. This is just one of those same mufflers, but in addition to having a bolt through the center, these mufflers are welded around both ends and along the side seam. They are really stout. I wish I'd had one of these on the Alaska tour. I'd have spent more time behind the wheel instead of under the car on those rough roads!
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Steel-end Muffler '21-'27 Welded together!

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