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T5119Alt-12 Delco Alternator - Gear Driven

T5119Alt-12 Delco Alternator - Gear Driven

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New! - Delco Alternator: We've had a modern alternator for a number of years, but it's time to move on and move up. The old one worked good, but this one is great! And it is a Delco made in the USA. The Delco alternator has an internal fan to provide cooling while in use. Larger cooling vent holes will provide excellent cooling action. We are providing a 1-Year warranty for this new alternator as opposed to the 90-day warranty provided on the original Hitachi units. Any modern alternator shop will be able to provide service for this unit if it requires service after the warranty period. The new Delco alternator is rated at 70 amps when used on a modern car. We expect that it will easily produce up to 35 amps on the lower RPM Model T engne. Improved voltage stabilization has been achieved with the jumper wire to the output terminal. A larger bearing on the drive end of the alternator offers increased strength and durability. Rolled thread technology for the mounting threads provides improved strength for the mounting bolts. Does not fit on right hand drive cars due to interference with the steering column bracket. Download the installation instructions

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