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T3069-Ak • Akuret Oil Gauge

T3069-Ak • Akuret Oil Gauge

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Early Car: '09-25 cars except '24-'25 Sedans
Late Car: '26-'27 cars and '24-'25 Sedans


T3069-Ak AKURET OIL GAUGE (reproduction) This is one of the more unique and useful Model T accessories we have seen. Original AKURET Oil Gauges are “rare as hens teeth” and quite expensive. This faithful reproduction has taken several years to develop because every component has had to be custom made. With each oil gauge, you will also get a reproduction frameable quality print of a front cover magazine ad from the May 1921 Ford Car Trade Journal. With this unique accessory, you can now check your oil levels without even raising your hood! You’ll see either “DANGER” - “LOW” - “O.K.” - or “EXCESS” on the dipstick and AKURET OIL GAUGE engraved on the Brass knob visible at the side of the car. It installs in the lower petcock and is accessible through a hole in the right side running board splash apron. A rubber grommet in the splash apron prevents another rattle in your Model T. Installs in minutes. Made entirely in the USA.

Download the installation Instructions Download 1922 Akuret Oil Gauge Advertisement Download 1920 Akuret Oil Gauge Patent

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