Rock Springs, Wyoming to Kremmling, Colorado
Miles Driven Today:
248 miles
Total Miles of Trip:  
5,211 miles
Hours on the Road:  
9:55 hours
Started At:  
9:30 am
Stopped for the Day:  
7:25 pm
    5,000 miles!  That's the milepost we passed today.  Since we drove out of Bruce Campbell's driveway until a point 37 miles into our trip today, we have driven over 5,000 miles.  What a great adventure!
    After posting our journal last night, we decided to extend our drive today to the town of Kremmling, CO, rather than Steamboat Springs. Although I would have enjoyed shopping in Steamboat, we don't have room for one more postcard in our car!   Kremmling brings us closer to Denver, our destination for tomorrow.  My sister and her family live in Denver and we are hoping to spend some time with them Sunday night.
    We headed out of Rock Springs on WY 430, after some confusion in finding it.  When we stopped to ask a man for directions, he scratched his head.  "You mean that road to Craig [Colorado]?  You know there is nothing between here and there, right?"  He was absolutely right.  We drove 54 miles down the best two-lane road we've seen on this trip that passed only three vacant ranch houses and a mystery industrial plant.  Nothing else.  We knew that on the Colorado side of the border, this
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Runs great...
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Moffett County Road 10-N, Moffett County, Colorado
Day 52 - Saturday, August 14, 2010
Runs great...
      ....Drive it home.
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fine road was going to turn into dirt.  We speculated that the government must have some secret facility on this road (hiding aliens from outer space, perhaps).  Why else would a road that went nowhere be so well maintained?  About 10 miles from the Colorado border, we got our answer - oil wells!  Lots and lots of oil wells.  That was why my cell phone worked, too.  So no secret alien outpost; just people with money.
    The instant we crossed the line into Colorado, the road turned to gravel.  Very rough for the first half-mile, then just regular gravel road.  The sign at the border said "Welcome to the Real West!" and was riddled with bullet holes.  The rugged scenery is beginning to grow on us.  Sage brush, gravel instead of dirt, rocky outcroppings and bluffs.  While I wouldn't want to live there (though there are some people who do), it has its appeal.  
    The GPS lady kept trying to get us to turn around (we kept expecting her to say, "turn back, before it's too late!) but we kept going.  I may have mentioned that Ben loves gravel roads and both Marian Rose and I were enjoying the drive, too.  Some fellow travelers had told us that we would pass through a canyon so we were excited when we rounded a bend and entered Irish Canyon.  The walls on the left were rock layers, creamy white or dark brown.  On the right, the walls were not as steep but also made up of this colorful rock.  Then the color changed to a reddish-brown.  The whole 21 miles was beautiful and I'm beginning to look more favorably on some of the roads Ben chooses.
    The rest of the drive to Steamboat was uneventful and we made pretty good time once we got on the paved roads again.  If you've been to Steamboat Springs, you know about Rabbit Ears Pass, the 7 mile climb out of the city on the east side.  The road rises almost 3000 feet in 7 miles and, thank goodness, it has a passing lane.  We were down to 9.5 mph at times but Ben never had to go into Ford Low.  He made it to the top in Warford Low, Ford High and usually at a speed of 18 to 20 mph.  (Whoo hoo!)  
    We slipped on into Kremmling around 7:20pm, late but feeling that we had had a great drive.  We had time for pictures, we enjoyed the gravel road, we stopped for lunch and visited with a man driving his Model A around his small town.  248 miles makes a long day but a good one.  Tomorrow may be more threatening.  We usually try to avoid cities and Denver is one of the worst.  We'll let you know how it goes.
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On WY 430, we saw many of  these massive rock formations.   I t
When we crossed into Colorado, the road changed to Moffett Coun
This is one of the many side roads that the GPS lady kept tryin
In Irish Canyon on Moffett Co. Rd 10N.  Marian Rose was watchin
We saw this waterfall, Vermillian Falls, after we got back onto
This is the road out from the waterfall.   If you look closely
The view while going up Rabbit Ears Pass.   Steamboat is far be
Ben and Marian Rose are celebrating the successful climb up the
A new dam has created a huge lake in the area leading into Krem