Dillon, Montana to Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Miles Driven Today:
180 miles
Total Miles of Trip:  
4,507 miles
Hours on the Road:  
8:15 hours
Started At:  
8:45 am
Stopped for the Day:  
5:00 pm
    Today is the day we arrive at Yellowsone National Park.  Both Bill and Nellie and Ben and I have been there before but it was years ago.  Another couple, Joe and Betty Jeffers, will be joining us there.  Joe and Betty were at the Glacier tour but their car broke down and they have been making arrangements to get their Model T back home.  They have never been to Yellowstone.
    The road took us through the “ghost towns” of Nevada City and Virginia City, gold rush towns during the 1800’s.  We stopped to stretch in Virginia City and wandered into a Western art gallery, the Creighton Block Gallery owned by Colin Mathews and his wife Paula Craver.  It didn’t take but a few minutes to realize that this was not the typical “Western” store, but an historic building filled with museum-quality western pieces, ranging from Native American artwork to bronze sculptures to photos taken in the 1800’s.  It seems there
Driving it Home
Montana Majestic Mountain T Tour
On The Road Again
Yellowstone then Home
The Madison River flows alongside the Western  entrance to Yell
Yellowstone’s Paint Pot Geyser Basin
Day 47 - Monday, August 9, 2010
Runs great...
  ....Drive it home.
Runs great...
      ....Drive it home.
Getting to Anchorage
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are numerous people of means who own homes in these beautiful mountains and he has a market other than casual tourists like us who are just passing through.  Colin, formerly a lawyer from Texas, loves living in the isolation of these mountains and was incredibly gracious to us, even though we clearly aren’t potential customers.
   We arrived at the gates of Yellowstone around 3:00pm but it is a long way from the entrance to the first of the geyser basins.  We could see the steam and smell the sulphur long before we actually reached the parking lot of the Paint Pot Geyser area and, even though the skies were threatening, we stopped to take a look.  If you have never seen Yellowstone, it is hard to imagine what it feels like to walk a boardwalk just inches from bubbling mud or wet ground with steam rising from it.  One of the geysers erupted while we were there and, for five minutes or longer, shot boiling water up into the air, so surrounded by steam in the cold air that you could barely see the water through the steam.
   We almost made it back to the cars before the storm hit and we were pelted with the hardest rain we’ve experienced on the whole trip.  People always ask, “what happens if it rains?”  We get seriously wet.  I covered Marian Rose in my sweatshirt as the backseat gets it worse than we do in front.  Fortunately, the rain had mostly stopped by the time we reached the lodge and got to our cabins.  (Cabins are very basic but warm and we do have a bathroom; lots of cabins don’t.)
   Tomorrow we are looking forward to seeing Old Faithful and Yellowstone Falls.  Joe and Betty arrived safely and we are looking forward to a good day.
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Colin Mathews of Creighton Block Gallery was as interested in o
We ate lunch at the Palisades Recreation Area (NPS), along the
Ben along the banks of the Madison River.  This is apparently a
We were threatened with rain all day  but missed it right up un
The Paintpots Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park.
The Chaos Geyser.  You can see the stream of water bursting up