gold fields.  It was a beautiful but treacherous trek for the would-be miners and the Alaska license plates have a drawing that depicts their climb.

    Skagway was more interesting than our previous stops, partly because the entire town is on the National Registry of Historic Places.  The wooden boardwalk, the restored store fronts, and the many shops carrying authentic native crafts made for a more "Alaska" feel to us.  But the cold blustery wind discouraged lingering and we were ready for a car with windows and a heater when it was time for our tour.  I'm hoping that it will be warmer when we get away from the coast but it wasn’t.
Montana Majestic Mountain T Tour
On The Road Again
Yellowstone then Home
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Runs great...
  ....Drive it home.
Runs great...
      ....Drive it home.
Day 8 - Thursday, July 1, 2010
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Cruise the Inside Passage aboard the Statendam Visit Skagway, AK - 7am-9pm
    Bears!  Two bears, to be exact, although the first one turned off into the bushes as we tried to take his picture.  Then minutes later, we saw the second bear, about 30 feet from where we had pulled off.  He was eating grass fairly casually, stepping along with no apparent concern for us. and I just started shooting.  I handed Ben the camera when he got out of the car and I got a little worried when the bear stood up his full height.  But he had backed up to a tree and started scratching his back. Enlargements of those shots show him smiling, with the same kind of "aah" reaction we get when we can scratch an itchy spot.  He even pulled a branch across his neck to scratch his neck.  We took more than 70 shots in that few minutes and would have stayed longer if our tour guide had not insisted that we drive on.  (He owns the green jeep we were driving on this Yukon Adventure and I think he was seeing bears claws in his future.)

    That turned out to be our primary wildlife on this excursion and the pictures were so good, we were afraid that no one would believe that it wasn't a tame bear.  But our drive by jeep to the Yukon Territory was fun and beautiful.  Once again, we hadn't booked an excursion ahead but went into Skagway and booked our trip there.  We were one of five couples, each in our own John Deere green jeep, following our guide up White Pass.  This was the way the miners went, although then it wasn't a nicely paved road, there was no bridge spanning the ravines, and we weren't carrying 2,000 pounds of gear in multiple trips to be allowed to enter Canada and head for the
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Sunday, July 4th
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Main street in Skagway, AK.  Most of the  buildings date from t
Again there were dozens of waterfalls wherever we looked on the
We drove this rented Jeep up the road out of Skagway, AK  to th
We took over 70 pictures of this bear.  He posed so nicely that
The bear stood up and then backed up to a tree and enjoyed a se
The mountians and lakes were spectacular sites.  It was cloudy
I remember taking our picture by this sign on our 2001 Model T
We had been in Alaska for several days, but this is the first t
This waterfall was right beside the road between Skagway and th