Whitehorse, YT to Dawson Peaks Resort, east of Teslin, YT
Miles Driven Today:
118 miles
Total Miles of Trip:  
1,146 miles
Hours on the Road:  
Started At:  
11:45 am
Stopped for the Day:  
5:15 pm
    When Bruce Campbell restored our car, he built it as a “stock” Model T, meaning that it was just like it came off the factory floor.  Since we intended to drive it 6,000 miles, Ben added some newly-manufactured but reproduction after-market parts that had been available at the time - Rocky Mountain brakes and a Warford transmission - while we were still in Anchorage.  

    One thing he hadn’t noticed, though, was the type of timer used on the car and that oversight caused us to have to do some repairs in Whitehorse because he had not taken the proper but easy maintenance steps needed.  Fortunately, the problem occurred in a big town like Whitehorse, not in a roadside lodge like tonight.
Driving it Home
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Runs great...
  ....Drive it home.
Runs great...
      ....Drive it home.
Day 23 - Friday, July 16, 2010
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Getting to Anchorage
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  The car was running fine but when Ben was doing routine maint
  The distributor installation took about three hours and was d
  This steel-decked bridge crossed the Teslin River just southe
When you are on a trip of this type through unfamiliar territor
The Model T looks right at home parked next to our cabin.
    We were on our way by noon, back on the Alaska Highway, heading south.  The weather was good, chilly but sunny, and a good flat surface so we made good time.  The car ran well with no additional problems and the scenery was lovely.  The Army Corps of Engineers built this road originally and most of the current road is still in the original location.  It is surprising that they chose such a scenic route when they were building it in such a hurry.  Lots of lakes and rivers, some which run parrallel to the road for several miles.  (Ben says that they didn’t chose a scenic route; they just chose a route that happned to be scenic!)

    We made a stop in Teslin for gas and found both an excellent gift shop and a very high-quality wildlife exhibit at the Yukon Motel at the foot of the Teslin Bridge.  We wound up being there for nearly an hour between all the people wanting  to talk about the car and checking out the exhibit.  I had booked us a room at  the Dawson Peaks Resort, about 7 miles out of Teslin, and it turned out to be a charming cabin near the shore of Teslin Lake.  We have a deck overlooking the lake and the mountains beyond.  If we decide not to go any further, look for us here!