Jasper, Alberta - Visit Maligne Lake
Miles Driven Today:
71 miles
Total Miles of Trip:  
2,589 miles
Hours on the Road:  
8:15 hours
Started At:  
9:15 am
Stopped for the Day:  
5:30 pm
     Today we followed the advice we had received from a long-time resident:  "If we only have one day, what should we see?"  We went to Maligne (French for Evil) Lake and rode the boat tour to Spirit Island, identified by Reader's Digest as the best boat tour in Canada.  On the road to the lake, we stopped at Maligne Canyon where the waterfall drops 75 feet in a massive roar to the canyon floor and by Medicine Lake
Driving it Home
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On The Road Again
Yellowstone then Home
Runs great...
  ....Drive it home.
Runs great...
      ....Drive it home.
Day 32 - Sunday, July 25, 2010
Getting to Anchorage
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Our first elk!  He is chewing grass but  checking on Ben who wa
Bluffs rise high above the tree line and the trees are frequent
The famous Spirit Island is a symbol of Canada and its unspoile
The water is every bit as brilliant as it appears here and bein
The company giving the tours got their franchise 82 years ago.
Maligne Lake is 22 miles long and ranges from 100-200 meters wi
Our picnic view.
Along the Maligne River on our way back to town.
At Medicine Lake, the water goes under ground  and feeds the Ma
We would have loved to stay at the Jasper National Park Lodge
which fills with water from snow and glacier melt each spring and completely disappears by fall.  Together, we took over 250 photos and it was painful to narrow them down to 10. I'm not writing much today so we'll be able to show you some of what we saw.  If you EVER come to Canada, come here and do this!  The boat ride is $55 but worth every penny and tickets sell out fast.  And, if you ever want to feel like a celebrity, drive around a place like this in a Model T.  The T makes people smile.  Any age, any nationality.  It's like being in a parade all the time.
The Drive to Maligne Lake