Jasper, Alberta to Banff, Alberta over the Icefields Parkway
Miles Driven Today:
202 miles
Total Miles of Trip:  
2,791 miles
Hours on the Road:  
9:00 hours
Started At:  
9:30 am
Stopped for the Day:  
6:30 pm
    One of the things that is pleasant about traveling by ourselves is that when we say we want to get up and away early, there is no one waiting in the parking lot for us when we don't leave until 9:00am.  

    We drove over 200 miles today, from Jasper to Canmore (a smaller, less expensive neighbor to Banff).  It was a gorgeous day, with only the last hour marred by a high wind.  Along the
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Runs great...
  ....Drive it home.
Runs great...
      ....Drive it home.
Day 33 - Monday, July 26, 2010
1926 Model T Touring
Getting to Anchorage
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way, we passed through the rest of Jasper National Park, the Icefields Parkway, and Banff National Park.  The road, for the most part,  follows a valley created by glaciers with layers and layers of mountains on either side, for 200 miles.  There are a few places that even the glaciers couldn't level and we passed through two high passes requiring Ford Low.  But as slow as we were going at times, when the people finally could pass, most had cameras out the windows taking pictures.  

    Since we took so many pictures and had a hard time narrowing them down, we will mostly show pictures again today.
Athabasca Falls, in Jasper National Park.  Even though the drop
This is where we broke our crankshaft in 2001.  There is a phon
These two mountain goats were about 100 feet above the highway
The Athabasca Glacier is at the western edge of Icefields Parkw
The Icefields Parkway passes mountain after mountain with glaci
We drove up to Lake Louise, about 2-1/2 miles off the highway,
Another peak miles away beside the Icefields Parkway.  Notice t
There are about four layers of mountains between us and the gla
Approaching Banff, snowpacks in front of us, glacier to the rig
Grass and trees are growing on this overpass.  It is one of 23
A beautiful morning in Jasper National Park.  We had the top do