Anchorage, AK  -  A day to work on the car to get it ready to Drive it home....
    We arrived in Seward on schedule and got off the druise ship at 6:30 to board our bus for Anchorage.  After the bus ride we rented a car for the day, retrived our luggage ang got over to Bruce Campbells house about noon.

    Ben has been busy in Anchorage working on the Model T and getting it ready for the return trip.  He removed and modified the differential with a shortened drive shaft to accept the Warford Transmission, installed a Warford accessory transmission and put the differential back in, installed Rocky Mountain accessory brakes, added a spare tire carrier which had been missing, modified floorboards for the new transmission, and did a few other minor repair and maintenance items.  The car is now ready to begin our trip back home.

    We had to get everything done by Monday evening because our hosts, Bruce and Marl Campbell have a private car pass to get into Denali National Park on Wednesday and it will take us all day tomorrow to get to Denali so we can take the trip to the back country of Denali with them.  Only a very few people are ever given passes to get into the Denali back country in private automobiles.  The pass is good for one day only and cannot be changed to any other time.
Driving it Home
    With the level of auto mechanics work and lack of convenient internet access, we just haven't had the time to work on the web site.  There will probably be other days during our trip thru Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories and British Columbia that we do not have good internet access so if we miss a day or two, just wait for our next email.

    Ben is worn out after a day and a half of intense, sometimes frustrating and taxing labor for an old man.  It is always a little harder to get any task done when you are working in someone's shop and you are not familiar with what tools are available nor where they are located.

    Everything got done that had to get done.  There are a few items to still be done to the car but they can be done some evening when we have a short day and stop an hour or so early.
Montana Majestic Mountain T Tour
On The Road Again
Yellowstone then Home
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Runs great...
  ....Drive it home.
Runs great...
      ....Drive it home.
Day 12 - Monday, July 5,  2010
Assembling the Driveshaft & Torque Tube
Getting to Anchorage
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We left the Statendam in Seward and headed  to Anchorage by bus
Ben Hardeman & Bruce Campbell
Ben & Nancy go for the first ride.
Gassing up for the trip tomorrow (July 6th)