Anchorage, AK to Carlo Creek Lodge (near Denali National Park)
Miles Driven:
Hours on the Road:  
9-1/2 hrs
Started At:  
8:00 am
Stopped for the Day:  
5:30 pm`
This has been a great day!  After two days of making additions and adding some safety features to the new Model T, we stayed up late last night packing the car.  Our friend Bruce Campbell led us a back way out of Anchorage and set us on our way to Denali a little before 8:00am.  At last, we were on our way in our new T.  The drive to Denali is beautiful and the car drove well.  Every time we stopped for anything, we were surrounded by people wanting to talk:  how fast can you go?  Where do you get the tires?  Do you really think you will be able to drive it all the way to Texas?

One of my favorite episodes today involved a gas stop in Trapper's Creek, about 100 miles south of the national park.  A man at  the next pump jumped out with his camera and asked in a very strong drawl if he could take our picture.  We said "yes," of course and he continued, "I want all my friends down in Texas to see the kind of cars people in Alaska drive!"  He was flabbergasted to learn that we were from Texas and planning
Driving it Home
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Runs great...
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Runs great...
      ....Drive it home.
Day 13 - Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Mt McKinley, Alaska
Getting to Anchorage
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on driving the car back there ourselves.  He and his wife and two other couples were from Austin and we had such a good time talking with them that we had to tear ourselves away.  Ben even cranked the car by hand so they could see how it is done.

We drove 238 miles, a long day in a T, and when the sun was behind the clouds, it got pretty cold.  But we had a lot of sunshine and we were lucky enough to see Mt. McKinley in the sun.  It creates its own weather so it is most frequently hidden behind clouds.  We stopped, literally ran to the overlook and started shooting.  We are going into the park tomorrow but we may not be more lucky than we were today.

Oh, a side note about tomorrow.  Bruce Campbell, who sold us the car, is a former Commissioner of Highways in Alaska.  He was in charge of the construction of the road through the park.  And he and his wife Marl have arranged a special pass to take us into Denali in his private car.  Normally, you have to take the park shuttle so we are very excited to have this chance to get an in-depth view of this beautiful place.  Will let you know tomorrow how it goes.
Do ya think we’re loaded?  You’re right!  But how much would yo
Sheep Creek Lodge was a good stop for lunch.
Majestic Mt. McKinley with a bald eagle soaring in the foregrou
Driving up the Parks Highway north toward Denali National Park.
This is the photograph that we were hoping to be able to make o
We made reservations at the Carlo Creek Lodge over six months a