Austin, TX to Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
   At last!  After nearly nine months of planning, we are on our way to Alaska to pick up the 1926 Model T Ford Touring car we bought from our friend Bruce Campbell.  And we intend to drive the car back home to Texas.  
   The first ten days will be involved in getting there - the flight, visit to Victoria, Vancouver Island, and the cruise to Anchorage.  If you only want to read about Model T travel, check back in with us on July 4th, when we arrive at Bruce’s house and see the car for the first time.  But if you have an interest in travelling along with us through some beautiful country, we’d love to share our journey with you.  We will post to this every day that we have internet access.  
   We actually left home Wednesday night since we had an early flight from Austin, TX.   We flew Southwest Airlines to Denver and then on to Seattle.  After schlepping two months worth of luggage across town from the airport to the Port of Seattle ($55 taxi fare including the tip), we boarded a ferry to Victoria on Vancouver Island.  A lovely man from National Car Rental came and picked us (and all of our stuff) up and within minutes we were in our new Hyundai
Driving it Home
Montana Majestic Mountain T Tour
On The Road Again
Yellowstone then Home
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Runs great...
  ....Drive it home.
Runs great...
      ....Drive it home.
Day 1 - Thursday, June 24, 2010
Getting to Anchorage
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and on our way.  Our hotel, The Waddling Dog,
is older but clean and the bed is comfortable.  (We haven’t yet seen the dog.)  
   We realized while eating our McDonald’s burgers that the only picture we’d managed all day was of a seagull on a neighboring table of the dockside cafe in Seattle.  We promise better pictures when we aren’t trying to keep up with four suitcases, two computers, two camera bags and a tripod!